Hotter Than Health Is A Podcast Focused On Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, And Of Course Your "Morning Conference Call"

Hotter Than Health the podcast originated after years of helping people navigate the sometimes rocky and always rewarding path that is fitness and nutrition and realizing- WE NEED A BIGGER PLATFORM! 

The goal of Hotter Than Health is to make the most common health trends, diets, workouts, and questions easy to digest (no pun intended) with a specific focus on regularity and digestion! 

Let's break down the Plant Based trends, normalize poo, and spread wellness like wildfire!

All good things- Enjoy!


How can you support the podcast?

In order to keep this podcast alive and growing, support for the community is vital. Liking, sharing, reposting, and reviewing podcast is such an amazing way to spread the love and knowledge. For an option to support monetarily,I have created three tiered platform option for anyone who is interested in supporting this way! Little or big, these options allow more guestS, high quality episodes, as well as another way for me to interface with the Hotter Than Health Community. Love to you all, and thank you endlessly! 

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