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Eliza Gellman

Nutrition Specialist// Fitness Entrepreneur//Podcaster

"Eliza G fitness has truly changed my entire relationship with food and my body. When I started on her plan, I expected to commit to a diet for a few months until I reached my goals, and nothing more. Almost a year later and I’m still making her recipes, meal prepping every week, and feeling amazing. I’ve lost fat and gained muscle gradually, but most importantly I’ve completely changed the way I view food. I no longer fear eating out, going on vacation, or indulging every once in a while, because I now have the tools to get right back on track and not sabotage my goals. Her recipes are delicious; I’ve made several of them for friends or potlucks and gotten rave reviews. Just when I think I’ve found an all-time favorite, she comes out with something new and I’ve found a new fave. I am so thankful to have met her and learned so much from her!"

-Current Client Testimonial


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